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Dress Code

Dress Code

Dress Code

Monetville Public School students are expected to present themselves appropriately for a place of learning.

Guidelines are as follows:

1. Hats are allowed only on the playground and not to be worn within the school.
2. Beach attire of ANY type will not be allowed in the school, including short shorts, cut off T-shirts, spaghetti strap tops and halter-tops. Tank tops must cover body securely and no lingerie should be showing.
3. Walking shorts & skirts of acceptable length (not shorter than the wearer’s finger tips when the wearer’s arms hang relaxed at their sides)may be worn in season.
4. Inappropriate jewellery will not be allowed, including piercing anywhere except the ears.
5. Tattoos are to be covered during school hours.
6. Outside shoes or boots are not to be worn in the classroom.
7. Students must have inside shoes because stocking feet are not safe. Indoor shoes are a health and safety requirement. Shoes with non-marking soles are required in the gym.

Please note:

T-shirts, hats, jackets, etc. with inappropriate slogans, logos, or comments will not be allowed. Also excessively tight, short, loose, and torn clothing will be considered inappropriate. Should the teaching staff and/or principal determine clothing to be inappropriate, the following options will be given to rectify the problem:
-turn a T-shirt inside out and wear it that way for the day
-sent home to change or parent brings appropriate clothing to school
-wear clothing provided by school for student to wear for the day
Students who are dressed inappropriately will have their parents contacted.